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The Teacher Personality

I am more of a quiet, keep-to-myself kind of person in the outgoing profession of teaching. I do not naturally have what most people would call the teacher personality.

It’s quite comfortable for me to spend consecutive days in solitude, within a couple of rooms, engrossed in my computer, managing my work, sans any direct social interaction beyond my immediate family. I lean more towards emails than phone calls, prefer ATM machines over human bank tellers, and enjoy my solitary early morning walks before dawn breaks.

Abandoned man in dark room

The Outgoing Teacher Personality

By contrast, my professional role require me to embody an extroverted persona – outgoing, engaging, and persuasive. On most days, the paradox doesn’t even cross my mind. Take, for instance, the open house night at school, where I transform into this charming, lively, salesperson or perhaps a prospective Congressional candidate. Interestingly, I don’t consider this persona to be disingenuous.

Hello Its a pleasure to meet you

I perceive both people as facets of my identity. The introverted side of me is akin to a well-worn, cozy t-shirt I don all the time, yet never in public view. The cheerful politician, on the other hand, is like a formal suit I occasionally don, only to be dry cleaned and reserved for special occasions a few times a year.

Given my introverted nature, I’ll likely mull over this introspection silently for a significant duration. But kindly refrain from broaching this subject in person. That formal suit is heading for the dry cleaners.