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A Hard Working Crew

Cruising offers numerous perks, one of which is the complimentary room service. Some may argue that the menu is limited, particularly for breakfast. However, I believe a simple coffee and a light snack delivered right to the door is just the ticket until it’s time for a hearty meal of eggs and b later.

Asian crew member delivering room service

Although not mandatory, I usually provide a small tip to the person who delivers our meals. A daily fee of $12.50 per person, charged to our rooms, is distributed amongst our dining room waiter, assistant waiter, and room attendant, which is an absolute bargain. However, room service delivery tips are left to your discretion.

Cruise ship staff often hail from various parts of the world, but seldom are they from America. A significant number of crew members are Filipinos, who, in my experience, are among the friendliest and most welcoming people one could meet. Their warmth resonates with us, given that we often share stories and photos of our Filipina daughter-in-law, Liza, and our Filipino-American grandson.

Upon viewing a beach photo of our grandson, Henry, a Filipina crew member commented privately on the beautiful blend of Filipino and American traits in him.

Engaging conversations also extend to crew members from Romania, Bosnia, and Ukraine, which is intriguing given our personal connections in these countries.

Today, we’re docking in Jamaica, a location we’ve visited before but have never disembarked. We’ve heard a few too many stories about tourists being hassled, solicited with drugs, or victimized, so today is a perfect opportunity to unwind onboard, enjoying the ship’s amenities without the usual crowd.

This evening, the ship hosts its Love and Marriage show, reminiscent of the classic Newlywed Game. The show features three couples: a newlywed couple, a pair married for a few years, and another couple who have been together for more than half a century. While the questions asked are fairly innocuous, the responses can often lead to unexpected humor, with the longest-married couples usually eliciting the most laughter.

Although we’re having a wonderful experience, our grandson, Henry, is sorely missed. Hearing from home that Henry expressed his desire to join us evokes a mix of joy and sadness. His presence would have made our trip even more memorable.