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Shopping as a Traitor to the Carbs

Imagine you’re attending the biggest social event of the decade, and everyone who is anyone received an invitation. Famous actors, politicians, religious leaders, business titans and a who’s who from the world of sports will be there, but unfortunately for them, so will you. Yes, you received an invitation weeks ago, but you felt yours…

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Carb Deprived & Thinking

I am a most careful shopper, and I must be if I want to live a material life that would otherwise be out of my financial reach.  While we hide it well, Becky and I have Williams-Sonoma tastes, but a Walmart budget. Becky and I like to travel to beautiful and fascinating places where we…

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The Challenge of Not Being Foolish

Diabetes Management I am a person who likes a good challenge. Sometimes the challenges are serious and difficult like finishing college later in life, but other times they are more trivial like trying to find something at Walmart. If it turns out that clothespins are not on the aisle with detergents and fabric softeners, my…

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